K&I Enforcement Limited are based in the Midlands providing Bespoke Debt Recovery & Certificated Enforcement Services to Commercial Business, Landlords & Private Individuals. We recover Commercial Rent Arrears (CRAR), Collect Commercial & Pre Legal Debts, Enforce High Court Warrants & Writs, Conduct Private & Commercial Evictions, Reclaim Land & Property from Trespassers, Conduct Lease Forfeiture, and Serve Legal Documents.

With over 50 years experience in the debt recovery industry and we have amassed an in depth understanding of the laws relating to Tribunal, Courts & Enforcement Act 2007, Rent Acts, Criminal Justice & Public Order Act & Civil Rules Procedures this enables K&I Enforcement to achieve the desired outcome in all situations.

We specialise in Debt Recovery & Enforcement in all Regions of England & Wales.

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We pride ourselves on providing a Fast & Effective solution to the needs of our clients.

To use our services simply give us a call or download one of our warrants or instructions.